Black Gold School Division
École Corinthia Park School



In order to advance our vision, the staff shares the following values:

Collaboration: therefore we will share best practices, resources, and craft knowledge.
On-going Learning: therefore we will keep abreast of the latest research in education and take advantage of professional development opportunities.
Unconditional Care for Everyone: therefore we will be understanding and tolerant, and we will treat everyone with respect and without prejudice.
Great Extracurricular Programs: therefore we will provide our students with quality activities outside the regular course of study.
Academic Success: therefore we will promote goal-setting and effort based learning, provide students with second chances, and work with students to bring them into the assessment process.
Relationships: therefore we will be respectful, flexible, accepting, open-minded, and we will encourage parental/community involvement in our school.
Sedulity: therefore we will have high expectations of ourselves and our students.


In order to advance our vision, the students share the following values:

Respect: therefore we will respect and be proud of our school, and we will treat others, young and old, the way we want to be treated.
Happiness: therefore we will come to school with a positive attitude leaving our grumpiness at the door.
Success: therefore we will set goals, do our best, and believe that we can accomplish anything.
An Orderly Environment: therefore we will find adult help and walk away from bullying situations, and we will follow school rules.
Teamwork: therefore we will cooperate and learn while working in groups.
Tidiness: therefore we will keep our classrooms and school neat and clean.


In order to advance our vision, the parents/school council share the following values:

Participation: therefore we will commit to being part of the school team to ensure students’ social, emotional, and academic well-being.
Accountability: therefore we will spend time each day going through the agenda and homework assignments with our children ensuring all homework is completed.
Relationships: therefore we will attend the family interviews to maintain communication with our teachers thus helping our children succeed.
Education: therefore we will make sure that our children realize that their school responsibilities are as important as their other responsibilities.
Nurturing: therefore we will take care of our children striving to be positive role models.
Tact: therefore we will treat our children with respect so, in turn, they will be respectful to others.
Success: therefore we will ensure our children are well-fed and rested for school.