École Corinthia Park School


Emergency Response Program – Hour Zero

DURING ANY EMERGENCY, OUR FIRST PRIORITY is the safety of our students and staff.

Our Hour Zero program has individual school emergency plans as well as a Division Plan that are reviewed annually and after an emergency occurs. There is an on-site School/Site Emergency Response Team (SERT) at each school, along with a Division-based Administrative Command Team (ACT) for emergency responses that provides support and aid to schools at time of an emergency.

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Key Protocols

Families should familiarize themselves with some of the common protocols and terms we use during an emergency. When a school is confronted with an emergency, staff will assess the situation and then decide on a course of action.  In addition to the procedures described below, schools also practice protocols such as “Drop-Cover-Hold,” a method of protecting vital body parts during some natural disasters, and conduct fire drills.

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