École Corinthia Park School


Student Supports

In addition to the regular programs of study as mandated by Alberta Education, École Corinthia Park School offers the following supplemental programs and services provided these services are available through Alberta Health Services.

Services available include: 

  • Speech/Language Services 
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Universal Mental Health supports through the AHS Mental Health Capacity Building team
Individualized Support Plans
  • Individual Support Plans are required for students requiring adaptations and modifications to their program beyond what is done universally for all students. 
  • Individual Support Plans will be reviewed and discussed with parents early in the school year, with parents providing input for their child’s academic, social and behavioural expectations.
    • Parents will sign off on the ISP goals and receive a copy.
  • ISPs are then reviewed and updated with parents and signed at the midpoint and end of the school year
  • Year End Final Reviews of ISPs must occur by mid-June.