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  • Take the survey: Cellphone use in schools

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    In Alberta, and in many other places across the world, student cellphone use is increasing. For children and youth, it typically becomes more prevalent as students advance through the grades.

    Cellphones have the potential to be powerful teaching aids that, when used appropriately, can improve learning outcomes. But there are significant risks and concerns with inappropriate cellphone usage. They can be a distraction to students in the classroom and disrupt a student’s learning and can impact student safety through bullying or harassment.

    Alberta Education wants to hear from teachers, parents, and other staff about cellphone usage in our schools and using their advice to help inform potential future polices regarding cellphone usage in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools.

    You are invited to share your views about the future of student cellphone use in schools by participating in an online survey until May 3, 2024. The survey is available at: Survey link.

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